Energy Storage

Electrical energy cannot be stored without the help of some kind of technology.
Electrical storage systems allow energy generated at one time to be held for use at another time. There are many types of storage, including compressed air, flywheels, hydrogen cells, and capacitors. Our research indicates battery storage is the most promising for Yukon.



TransGrid Solutions Inc. was hired to do a full review of existing energy storage technologies.

The evaluation focused on the technologies that would be compatible with the Yukon power system. It looked at power quality, grid support, load shifting, and the integration of renewables. It also examined safety, environmental concerns, and cost.

It found that electrochemical batteries were most promising. TransGrid selected lead acid and lithium ion batteries for further study based on safety, overall cost and proven technology.

Technical and Financial Findings

Annual Energy Firm Energy Installed Capacity Dependable Capacity Levelized Cost of Energy Levelized Cost of Capacity Project Life In-service Lead Time
GWh/yr GWh/yr MW MW $/kWh $/kW yr Years Years

Option #1

Takhini Substation 1

2.44 2.44 4 4 $0.80 $433 30 2

Option #2

Takhini Substation 2

2.67 2.67 6 6 $1.09 $433 30 2

Option #3

Takhini Substation 3

2.78 2.78 8 8 $1.31 $404 30 2

Option #4

Takhini Substation 4

2.78 2.78 8 8 $0.96 $301 30 2




Aquatic environment Most favourable
Terrestrial environment Most favourable
Air quality Most favourable
First Nation lands Most favourable
Traditional lifestyle Most favourable
Heritage resources Most favourable
Tourism/recreation/other land uses Most favourable
Cultural/community well-being Somewhat favourable
Local economic benefits Least favourable
Climate change risk Most favourable
  •  Most favourable
  •  Somewhat favourable
  •  Least favourable


Because these batteries are modular, they can be installed in a reasonable timeframe and power capacity can be added in small increments as demand grows. By adding the batteries in increments, Yukon Energy could take advantage of future improvements to the technology.

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Initial key findings


Modular systems; system can be expanded as needed

Relatively inexpensive capacity


Very expensive energy